The Rockefeller building was first constructed in 1909, as a YMCA. The beautiful edifice was a gift to the United States Navy guessed it, John D. Rockefeller. 

Representing the height of architectural technology at the time, this historic building has stood tall and strong for over 100 years. Now, in 2015, it is getting a make-over at last.

No longer a Union Mission, the property has been snatched up by Norfolk's Buddy Gadams, and it's fortune is looking up.

Renovations and revolutions have churned out a totally new project, something that mixes the past and the future, with a cheery wave at the present. 

The Rockefeller Apartments are changing the face of downtown Norfolk, and altering the lifestyle of the lucky few who reserve their unit now. Contact Rockefeller Apartments today to schedule a tour!