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Living in Downtown Norfolk
Living in downtown Norfolk is a treat few individuals get the pleasure of experiencing. Urban living is at its best in downtown Norfolk where the mood is right for exploration, adventure and fun. ... Read More
16th Annual Beer Fest in Town Point Park
16th Annual Beer Fest in Town Point Park May 20th and 21st ... Read More
What's in a name
Learn about the history of this iconic building: The Rockefeller. ... Read More
10 After Work Spots Downtown
Head to happy hour at any one of these 10 After Work Spots Downtown, and take a deep breath and load off (you deserve it). Each spot we've selected is within walking distance to our front doors, and whether you're a sports fan, a wine aficionado or just looking for a comfy seat and a friendly bartender, we've included just what you're looking for! ... Read More
10 Tips for Living on a Budget
If you’ve got goals to go big in life, you’ll need to start now to fund your way. Take a hint from us, and try out these 10 Tips for Living on a Budget. We’re confident you’ll be thanking us all the way to the bank. ... Read More
Say YES to Renter's Insurance
Every renter should have renter’s insurance. Most renters choose to pass on renter’s insurance initially, believing that their landlord’s policy will cover their possessions, but in fact, renter's must have coverage of their own. Most policies are incredibly inexpensive, ranging from roughly $200-$300 a year, or $10-$25 a month, depending on the policy. Renter’s insurance policies cover you if your electronics, books, furniture or other belongings/valuables are damaged or destroyed by fire or theft. ... Read More
What Are the Advantages of Living in a Downtown Apartment?
Unique shopping experience, dining at the best downtown restaurants, exclusive events, and local attractions are some of the greatest advantages of renting an apartment in Downtown Norfolk. ... Read More
We're Changing the Downtown Landscape
This has been no ordinary renovation. Learn more about the thoughtful details that make this building a real standout. ... Read More